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Our Mission

Furthering Bangladesh’s national agenda of achieving sustainable food and nutritional security by bridging the Agri-biotech and nutrition communities for a more robust and concerted approach toward research and policy.

Bridging Gaps

Bridging the Agri-biotech community and nutrition communities in Bangladesh jointly pursue common goals


Highlighting the role that Agri-biotech can play in helping the nutrition community achieve its targets.


Identifying common areas of interest and designing appropriate interventions to benefit both the communities.

Zero Hunger

Furthering Bangladesh’s national pursuit of SDG 2 by working together and sharing knowledge and resources.

Raising Awareness

Raising awareness among key audiences about the research on Agri-biotech and nutrition in Bangladesh.

Eliminating Misconceptions

Narrowing knowledge gaps and eliminating misconceptions about agriculture, biotech, and nutrition among critical audiences.


Exploring partnership opportunities to share knowledge and resources to achieve better nutritional outcomes for agricultural products.

Policy Support

Providing support to the network members regarding policy and regulatory affairs.

Innovative Research

Encouraging individuals to do creative research to develop fresh business ideas, technology, and processes.

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Despite advancements and better access to food, 40 million Bangladeshis—one-fourth of the country’s population—remain food insecure, and 11 million experience acute hunger.

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